Auto Transport Process

The Process : What to expect from Dixon Worldwide Logistic's Auto Transport

Once you decide to give us a shot, here are the steps that you should expect.

Request a free quote from Dixon Worldwide

This is an easy process. Fill in the online form and send it to us. The request is generally answered in one business day. The quote you will receive is the final price that you will be charged and contains no hidden fees.

Curious about how your quote request is evaluated?

If you do not receive an answer from us by the end of the next business day, it is likely that our email has cut its way to your spam folder. Call us, and we will offer you an instant quote, equally accurate.

Decide if our quote fits you.

You create no obligation for yourself by just requesting a quote. We will not email you again, unless you contact us with questions. This is the time for you to weigh our price and promises, and decide if you want to work with us.

When you compare our quotes with those received from other auto transport companies, keep in mind the all-inclusive character of our number. Do you need more insight on what you should beware of? Read about the 9 signs of some questionable car transport services.

Initiate the contact.

If you decide Dixon Worldwide is the best fit for you, you are welcome to call or email us. At that time we’ll discuss your ideal pick up dates and so forth. Our response is fast and our customer service impeccable.

Dixon Worldwide defines a shipping strategy.

This strategy involves the best carriers that follow your desired route and answers your specific requirements. The carriers are chosen using a triple criteria: quality of communication – ability to pick up or deliver in time – history of shipping cars without causing any damages. Our system contains records by which we accurately evaluate the carriers and propose the best and safest fit for your car.

We do not make any promises that we cannot keep. This is why we have to remind you that a specific pick up or delivery date cannot be guaranteed in good conscience. A window of 2-3 days for pick-up is appreciated and will spare any extra fees necessary to accommodate emergency situations.

You receive an initial call with the approximate pick-up date.

After Dixon Worldwide decides on a carrier, we will contact you to confirm the pick up dates. Our communication with the carrier takes place all along the shipping process (day before pick up until the day after delivery). According to the information that we receive from the carrier, we will be able to give you an approximate pick-up date. Please allow a window of 2-3 days as explained above. Of course, if you have requested a “one day pick-up”, this will not be necessary.

We will send you our contract and a couple of forms to fill in.

You still have no obligation. If you have a change of heart, you can just follow a different path. We just ask that you give us a quick shout to let us know.

Send us the completed forms.

In case your decision to work with us is final, you will return the completed forms. From now on you are our client and we take upon ourselves the responsibility of making sure your car arrives safely and on time to the destination.

Dispatch or driver calls you the day before the pick-up.

We take this step in order to confirm that you are prepared for the pick-up. Read more about how to prepare a car for shipping.

Your car is picked-up.

You or an authorized party must be present. Make sure the condition of your car is accurately recorded on the Bill of Lading. This process usually takes 15-20 minutes. Say good-bye to your car, but try not to be too emotional. You’ll see her soon.

Dispatch or driver calls you the day before delivery.

This will allow you to make plans for being present where and when the car is delivered and prepare for the event.

Your car is delivered.

You or another party authorized by you must be present at the place and time of delivery. Inspect your car carefully and, in case you notice any damages, record them on the Bill of Lading. It is a good idea to also take some pictures to back up your claims. If you decided to pay COD, this is the time to do it. Wish the driver all the best, and jump to the final step.

In case you cannot be present at the time and place of delivery, we can arrange to drop your car at a terminal if we have one nearby. Be aware that this will draw some extra expenses, since the terminal fees will have to be paid in advance. Read more in our FAQ section.

Write Dixon Worldwide your thank you note.

This step is totally optional. However, if you are looking for your 15 minutes of fame, we can find a cozy place for you, your testimony and a picture of your car on our website. Do not hesitate to take the chance of becoming our next featured Dixon Worldwide client with a happy shipping story. Do we need to emphasize that this is our favorite part?



Tania helped me out big time with shipping both my vehicles to Hawaii. I was very curious and very skeptical about how the process worked, especially after reading all the horror stories on line. Dixon had mostly great reviews and Tania sounded very confident over the phone about getting me a great rate and getting it done safely. Glad I made the choice to transport with Dixon Worldwide. Thanks Tania!


Colin did an amazing job with getting me the best price and in timely manner. He was very straight up with the entire process and didn't beat around the bus like all the other shippers I have used in the past. I would definitely recommend him to my close family and friends without a doubt


Dixon Worldwide are simply : professional, prompt, honest, answering emails in timely manner, patient and have very decent rates. And they have very comfortable way of tracking contracts. They did not offer me $ for writing this review, I'm sharing my overall summary. It's a pleasure to deal with Dixon Worldwide. I think they will go far! Good luck guys! Keep it up!

Tracy Collins

Dixon Worldwide Auto Transport @
Hi Wilmarie, You are very hard working (available day and night) even on your off days. Absolutely outstanding customer service, friendly and informative. I truly enjoyed working with you. I received my car far sooner than I expected. Dixon Worldwide under promised and big time over delivered. I am very pleased with the service. Thank you, Tracy

James Rosenberg

I honestly couldn't ask for a better alternative. Lance took care of me well and i was very pleased with the service. Quick and painless. I've dealt with previous transporters and all i got was the run around. I literally on the verge of just driving my car to Cali but after much though, i decided to give these guys a shot and i am glad that i did. Thanks again Lance!

Michael Higgins

No complaints here, very professional and as promised. Agent on the phone was a huge help and delivered my truck with out any issues. Will definitely be using them again.

John Michaels

I was always kept well informed and the car was picked up and delivered on time and in good condition. The videos on the website were helpful and follow-up questions were answered. I was given details on how to pay, pick-up and drop-off, etc.