Auto Transport FAQ

We always recommend that you list your vehicle as far in advance as possible to provide us with enough time to locate a driver for your route. The more time you give better chance you’ll get a driver to pick up your vehicle on the day you want it picked up. The minimum amount of time we ask for is 2-3 days to locate a driver for any route; this is an industry standard lead time

Similar to the delivery time frames, this varies. There are so many variables that our transportation coordinators diligently work through to give you a fairly accurate time frame. We generally recommend that you call Dixon Worldwide Logistics at least 1 week before you are planning on shipping your car.

Every car shipment varies in its time frames. This is primarily due to all the adverse conditions that cannot be planned on. These can include weather, acts of God, unexpected truck maintenance, road conditions, pickup and delivery locations adverse conditions, and many more. However; here are some good faith time lines that can help you plan for your expenses and time frames.

From the time the vehicle is on the truck:
Cross country:  10-14 days
across only a few states: 3-4 days
Local moves can vary between: 1-2 days

If you are moving or planning on flying to the delivery location, please know that these are approximate, and Dixon Worldwide Logistics does our best to guarantee times. We are happy to discuss with you all your options and estimated delivery times. Your Transportation Coordinator will be able to give you insight on your situation. Dixon Worldwide Logistics recommends that you arrive at a minimum of 1-2 days ahead of your cars estimated delivery schedule. This way, in case everything goes perfect you will be available to take possession of your car early.

Unfortunately, Federal law prohibits Auto Transportation companies from shipping personal or household items. Auto Transporters are only allowed to ship vehicles that are empty. Boss Auto Transport, affiliates or drivers are not responsible for any items left in the vehicle. Please be sure to clear the vehicle of all personal belongings.

Your price is final once your load has been dispatched to a carrier.   We frown at companies that do not keep their transactions transparent.  We will never send a carrier out to transport a vehicle without the customer consent on the final details.



Tania helped me out big time with shipping both my vehicles to Hawaii. I was very curious and very skeptical about how the process worked, especially after reading all the horror stories on line. Dixon had mostly great reviews and Tania sounded very confident over the phone about getting me a great rate and getting it done safely. Glad I made the choice to transport with Dixon Worldwide. Thanks Tania!


Colin did an amazing job with getting me the best price and in timely manner. He was very straight up with the entire process and didn't beat around the bus like all the other shippers I have used in the past. I would definitely recommend him to my close family and friends without a doubt


Dixon Worldwide are simply : professional, prompt, honest, answering emails in timely manner, patient and have very decent rates. And they have very comfortable way of tracking contracts. They did not offer me $ for writing this review, I'm sharing my overall summary. It's a pleasure to deal with Dixon Worldwide. I think they will go far! Good luck guys! Keep it up!

Tracy Collins

Dixon Worldwide Auto Transport @
Hi Wilmarie, You are very hard working (available day and night) even on your off days. Absolutely outstanding customer service, friendly and informative. I truly enjoyed working with you. I received my car far sooner than I expected. Dixon Worldwide under promised and big time over delivered. I am very pleased with the service. Thank you, Tracy

James Rosenberg

I honestly couldn't ask for a better alternative. Lance took care of me well and i was very pleased with the service. Quick and painless. I've dealt with previous transporters and all i got was the run around. I literally on the verge of just driving my car to Cali but after much though, i decided to give these guys a shot and i am glad that i did. Thanks again Lance!

Michael Higgins

No complaints here, very professional and as promised. Agent on the phone was a huge help and delivered my truck with out any issues. Will definitely be using them again.

John Michaels

I was always kept well informed and the car was picked up and delivered on time and in good condition. The videos on the website were helpful and follow-up questions were answered. I was given details on how to pay, pick-up and drop-off, etc.