Open Auto Transport

The choice for most customers
  • Fast to Ship

    Open transport is the fastest way to ship your car. Over 95% of truckers operate an open trailer, meaning there are more options to pick up your car.

  • Only your car and keys are needed

    You won’t need to give the assigned driver a vehicle title or registration as long as we aren’t delivering to a place that requires such documentation. Just be ready with the car and the keys, simple as that.
  • Insurance included

    With open car transport, your car is covered with insurance from the moment it is loaded to the moment is unloaded at no extra charge to you.

What else you will like about open transport

Large carrier network

All of our carriers are chosen because of their dedication to high quality service standards. This allows us to find carriers very quickly.

Top load guarantee

With open transport, you can add the top load guarantee for around $75 more, and no vehicle would be loaded above yours. A trailer with a single deck is still considered top load.

Timely updates

You’ll receive regular updates via phone and email. Keep in touch with the carrier company and the designated trucker as well.

Guaranteed pick-up

If you have a preference for a pick-up on a specific day, we offer the option for a guaranteed pick-up that will help you plan your move more efficiently.

Friendly customer service

Our representatives are always friendly and helpful. They will make sure that you have an excellent experience from start to finish.

Pay the trucker

Open transport haulers prefer direct payments, and paying them directly saves you money. Pay in cash or certified funds directly to the trucker at pickup or delivery.

Ready to transport your car with Dixon?

Our car shipping advisors are available by calling 786.334.7913 to answer all your questions.