Preparing your car

Prepare Your Car

Transporting your vehicle is a simple process, right? Your vehicle is loaded onto the back of a truck, the truck drives away and then a few days later the driver arrives with your vehicle and the vehicle arrives as it was picked up. That’s our half of the deal but the customer also plays a very important role in the safety of the vehicle.

Preparation is essential to a smooth and timely transport. If you don’t properly prepare your vehicle for the transport process, it could end up costing you (in the form of preventable damage to the vehicle) and time (if the driver is delayed due to lack of preparation)

Preparing your car for the trip doesn’t require much time or any money. Just remember to follow the steps below and to ask if you have any questions in regards to your vehicle preparation:

A full inspection will be performed prior to shipment.

You or a designate must be present for the inspection and will be required to sign the bill of lading and a vehicle condition report; the bill of lading will be received both at the point of origin and at the vehicles destination. It is in your best interest that you are at this inspection yourself. Any discrepancies on the condition report (Bill of Lading) upon delivery must be marked on the condition report and signed.

A clean vehicle is very important.

There’s no need to spend hours of your time or lots of money to have your vehicle detailed, however it does need to be clean enough so that the physical inspection can be conducted thoroughly on the day of shipping. A simple drive-thru wash or a quick at home car wash is sufficient enough. Just so the body of the vehicle is easily visible for the drivers inspection.

  • Personal Items:

    Do not leave or transport anything valuable in your vehicle. Dixon Worldwide Logistics or its agents are not responsible for anything loose inside your car, including cell phones, radar detectors, removable radios, household goods, sunglasses, etc. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) prohibits the carrying of personal items on a truck licensed only for carrying automobiles. Stored personal items can also increase the overall weight of your vehicle, and could cause damage during transport. Any items left in the vehicle are subject to removal upon inspection at state lines by the DOT.

  • Keys:

    U.S. Department of Transportation requires that one set of all keys for the vehicle is provided to the carrier, including the ignition, trunk, and glove box keys.

  • Antennas:

    Antennas should be lowered or removed. Temporary antennas for cell phones or CB radios should also be removed.

  • Alarms:

    Alarms should be turned off for transport. If there are special instructions required to start a car in order to disarm the alarm, please inform your driver picking up your car. Dixon Worldwide Logistics is not responsible for drained batteries resulting from an alarm that has not been turned off.

  • Racks:

    Remove any luggage, bike, or ski racks that are not permanently attached to the car.

  • Cracked Glass:

    Should the vehicle glass have a nick, scratch, chip, crack, or other imperfection, Dixon Worldwide Logistics or its agents will not be responsible for damage caused by any preexisting condition.

  • Climate:

    Make sure your car is prepared for any climate. Replenish coolants, transmission oil, antifreeze and other fluids, as needed. Dixon Worldwide Logistics is not responsible for preventable damage caused by Acts of Nature.

  • Spoilers:

    Spoilers, fairing, air dams or other low hanging items should be removed, or sufficient clearance assured, to expedite loading on the rail and truck ramps.

  • Caps/Canopies:

    Caps and canopies on pickup trucks must be properly bolted to the box of the truck to ensure a safe delivery

  • Locations:

    Make sure that both your pickup and drop off locations is tractor trailer accessible. A 75-80 ft. truck must be able to maneuver to and from each address. If they are not accessible by the truck the customer/driver will suggest the closest meeting point to load or unload the vehicle (parking lot, shopping center.)

  • Pickup/Delivery Times:

    Be sure that you have chosen locations that allow someone to be present between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. seven days a week.

  • Contact Times:

    Be sure contact persons are available by phone between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and be sure that the phone numbers you provide are direct lines to those persons. Cell phones are usually the best. Pagers or voice mail numbers cannot be accepted.



Tania helped me out big time with shipping both my vehicles to Hawaii. I was very curious and very skeptical about how the process worked, especially after reading all the horror stories on line. Dixon had mostly great reviews and Tania sounded very confident over the phone about getting me a great rate and getting it done safely. Glad I made the choice to transport with Dixon Worldwide. Thanks Tania!


Colin did an amazing job with getting me the best price and in timely manner. He was very straight up with the entire process and didn't beat around the bus like all the other shippers I have used in the past. I would definitely recommend him to my close family and friends without a doubt


Dixon Worldwide are simply : professional, prompt, honest, answering emails in timely manner, patient and have very decent rates. And they have very comfortable way of tracking contracts. They did not offer me $ for writing this review, I'm sharing my overall summary. It's a pleasure to deal with Dixon Worldwide. I think they will go far! Good luck guys! Keep it up!

Tracy Collins

Dixon Worldwide Auto Transport @
Hi Wilmarie, You are very hard working (available day and night) even on your off days. Absolutely outstanding customer service, friendly and informative. I truly enjoyed working with you. I received my car far sooner than I expected. Dixon Worldwide under promised and big time over delivered. I am very pleased with the service. Thank you, Tracy

James Rosenberg

I honestly couldn't ask for a better alternative. Lance took care of me well and i was very pleased with the service. Quick and painless. I've dealt with previous transporters and all i got was the run around. I literally on the verge of just driving my car to Cali but after much though, i decided to give these guys a shot and i am glad that i did. Thanks again Lance!

Michael Higgins

No complaints here, very professional and as promised. Agent on the phone was a huge help and delivered my truck with out any issues. Will definitely be using them again.

John Michaels

I was always kept well informed and the car was picked up and delivered on time and in good condition. The videos on the website were helpful and follow-up questions were answered. I was given details on how to pay, pick-up and drop-off, etc.